Steven David / Advertising Space
Sticks: X-Line Jazz
Steve Farmer / Think Floyd
Sticks : 5A Medium
Jon Pickard / Independant
Sticks : X-Line 5B Classic
David Leybourne / Reality Asylum & PsychoTherapy
Sticks : 5A Medium Maxi Signature..
Josh Ketch / Independant
Sticks : X-Line 5D Custom, Timbale A

Bands : The Golden age of TV, Long legged creatures and Tetes de Pois
Matthew Green / Independent and Palace Drum Clinic
Sticks : 55A/ 3B Vintage Custom..
Richard J F Trussell
Drum Sticks : X-Line 5B Classic Maxi

Band : Independent
Ben Relton
Drum Sticks : X-Line 5B Signature..

Band : Independent
Jack Himmsworth
Sticks: X-Lines 5A Medium Sig
Band : Rhabstallion
Rick Cook
Sticks: X-Lines 5B Classic Sig
Band : Blondied
Wojtek Broda
Sticks: X- Line 5B Classic Maxi
Band : Ballkick
Peter Bultitude / Genesis Connected
Sticks : Pellwood X-Line Sig
Aiden Baldwin
Sticks : X-Line 3A

Raza Khan / Poseidon
Sticks : X-Line 5B Maxi
Barry Turner / MonkeyWrench
Sticks: X-Line Signature Rock Classic Medium...
Kieran Tonks / Independant
Sticks: X-Line 5A Nylon
Ed Taylor / The Buzzing Hornets
Sticks : 5B X-Lines Nylons Hickory
Tristan Long / The Tornados
Sticks: X-Line 5A Medium Maxi..
Steve Gibson / Nick Steed Five, Chris Farlowe.. Plus Many More..
Sticks: 6A Universal
Niclas Campagnol (DK)
Sticks: 2B Hornbeam
Sarina Parsons / STAT-X
Sticks: X-Lines 5A Medium / 6A Universal
Dan Guest / The Bay City Rollers
Sticks: X-Lines 5B Classic
Elliott Blower / Lets Hang On...
Sticks: X-Line 5D Custom..
Adrain Treacher / Dopesickfly
Sticks: X-Line 5B Classic..
John Cator / THE JAM'D
Sticks: X-Line 5A Nylon
Jame Wise / Independant
Sticks: 5A Medium Maxi
Karol Drea / Parliament Square
Sticks: X-Line Rock Classic Extra Long / Hickory
Steve Wilson / Independant
Pellwood X-Line- 2B 30 Days
Adam Hall / Idle Crooks & Englishmen
Sticks : X-Line 5A Medium
Tosh Murase / BABAJACK
Sticks : X-Lines 7A Extra Slim
Tony Benedek / Elan, Ota Balage Band,  Santiago Ferreira Band
Sticks: 3B Vintage Hickory
Tim Wilson / Under A Banner
Sticks : 3A X-Lines
Tim Jones / BigWolf
Sticks: 5D Customs X-Lines
Sticks : Timpani A hand 30s, Silone 38s and RX9s for the ROVING CROWS and 5AN X-LINE for MISSIN' ROSIE

Band : ROVING CROWS (percussionist) MISSIN' ROSIE
Ted Duggan / Dark Side Of The Wall
Sticks : 5A X-Lines
Scott Ottaway / The Searchers
Sticks: Scott Ottaway Signature Stick...
Russell Gilbrook
Sticks: Russell Gilbrook Signature Sticks, Animal Model, Hickory.

Russell has also worked with Tony Iommi, Alan Price, Chris Barbers, Van Morison etc

He teaches on the musician's channel on Sky Television and holds the position at the Brighton Institute of Modern Music.
Ricky Hill /  Shatter Effect
Sticks: 5A X-Lines
Rob Leech / Avenford
Sticks: X-Line 5B Classic
Robin Shute / Emerald Hill, Cachexic
Sticks : X-Lines 5A Hickory
Richie Burns / Stars of British Jazz and The Sixties explosion
Sticks : X-Lines 5A Medium Hickory
Pavalos / Session & Independent
Sticks : X-Lines 9B / 7A
Paul Boocock / The Chicago Blues Brothers.
Sticks : X-Lines Jazz Model Hickory
Sticks : Jazz Mode
Rang-a Tang
Sticks : Timbale A Model /
Hornbeam 2B
Mika Ronos / Marcela Holanová
Sticks : Rock Model Hornbeam

Host Lucie Bílá 2013 Sólo Drum show
Mike Rees / Mentallica
Sticks : X-Lines Jazz Model
Mick Hales / ELECTUS, Ex Dante fox, Holy Rage
Sticks : Rock Classic Extra Long

Josh Cameron / Independent
Sticks: X-Line 5B Hickory
Isaac Ajala /  Independent
Sticks : 5D Custom, 8A Latin X-Lines Hickory
Greg Sheffield / JoCee, Robert J. Hunter, The Polka Dots, Various
Sticks : X-Lines 5B Maxi / Swing Model
Ej Brooks / ContinuuM, Revolvers, Danny Bash
Sticks : 5D Custom Hornbeam
3A Hornbeam
Dez wotton / Independent , The New Saints, Band of Brothers UK
Sticks: TBC
Darren Noden -
Sticks: Pellwood 6A Universal / 8B BeBop Hickory
Chris MacKinnon / Kaine
Sticks Pellwood X-Line Hickory 5B Classic / Maxi
Craig Simcox / Higher On Maiden, Ian Danter Band
Sticks : X- Line 2B Clive Blurr Hickory
Charlie Copper /  Burn Down Rydell
Sticks: X-Line 5A Medium Hickory
Barney Stevens - Independent
Sticks : 6A Universal Hickory
Moyano El Buffalo / Independant
Sticks: 5B X-Lines Hickory
Alister Gibbons / Valens
Sticks: 5A X-Lines Hickory Wood Tip
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