Pellwood are a combination of traditional manufacturing methods and state of the art technology are employed in the production of Pellwood drumsticks. The US sourced Hickory and European Hornbeam woods are dried slowly and naturally in the open air until immediately prior to production whence required moisture levels are achieved using a condensation dryer, this method is sympathetic to the wood and allows its character and very high quality to be preserved. Pellwood drumsticks are finished using a fine layer of anti skid lacquer ensuring the natural structure of the wood is not compromised and allowing for a comfortable and natural experience for the drummer.


Pellwood X-Line series

  • All Pellwood X-Line sticks are available in Hickory

  • X-Lines available with Wood or Nylon tips 

  • Popular sizes: 5A, 5B, 2B, 7A, 3A, Rock and Custom models...

  • All models come in Four pair pack

X-Line Series 5A
Pellwood B-Line Medium 5A.jpg
Pellwood 5B Classic Maxi.jpg
Pellwood B-Line 7A Extra Slim.jpg

  X-Line Medium 5A
This is Pellwood most popular drumstick,
absolutely versatile for any style.

Length: 407 mm / 16.02" 
Diameter: 14 mm / 0.55

 X-Line 5B Classic 
This Model is a Stick providing versatile
application from jazz to hardcore.


Length: 407 mm / 16.02" 

Diameter: 15 mm / 0.59" 

 X-Line 7A Extra Slim 
This stick has a  middle shaped round tip for

 articulated sound ideal for jazz, swing & country

Length: 395 mm / 15.55" 
Diameter: 13 mm / 0.51" 

Wood Tip Hickory

Nylon Tip Hickory

Pellwood B-Line 2B 30 Days Of Life.jpg

Pellwood X-Line 2B 30 Days Life This model is For harder style and more power, short taper with an elongated tip.

Length: 420 mm / 16.54" 
Diameter: 16 mm / 0.63"

Pellwood B-Line Jazz Model.jpg

Pellwood X-Line Jazz Model 

This stick has a Long taper for light rebound,

 oval tip, jazz, swing.

Length: 420 mm / 16.54" 
Diameter: 14 mm / 0.55"

Pellwood B-Line 3A.jpg

Pellwood X-Line 3A (4 Pair Pack)
This stick is suited towards more aggressive playstyle with 
gravity center

in the front, large round tip.

Length: 415 mm / 16.34" 
Diameter: 14.5 mm / 0.57"

Pellwood 5A Medium Maxi.jpg

Pellwood X-Line 5A Medium Maxi 
Pellwood's most popular drumsticks have finally made their way over to the UK and are more popular than ever, These sticks are absolutely versatile for any style - (Bigger Version of the popular 5A). Wood Tip

Length: 415 mm / 16.34" 
Diameter: 14.8 mm / 0.58"  

Pellwood B-Line 5D Custom.jpg

Pellwood X-Line 5D Custom
This stick has a Small round tip, bright 
sound on cymbals, funk, fusion, latin. Like a Fusion 5A Stick. Wood Tip

Length: 410 mm / 16.14" 
Diameter: 14 mm / 0.55

Pellwood 5B Classic Maxi.jpg

Pellwood X-Line 5B Classic Maxi Stick providing versatile application from jazz to hardcore - bigger version. Wood Tip

Length: 415 mm / 16.34" 
Diameter: 15.5 mm / 0.61"

PELLWOOD Rock Classic Short.jpg

X-Line Classic Rock Med-Long
Classic Rock, with oval tip
Wood Tip

Length: 430 mm / 16.93" 
Diameter: 15 mm / 0.59"

PELLWOOD Rock Classic Short.jpg

 X-Line Rock Classic Short 
Classic rock stick, shorter taper with oval tip. Wood Tip

Length: 415 mm / 16.34" 
Diameter: 15 mm / 0.59"

Pellwood Rock Classic Extra Long.jpg

X-Line Classic Rock Extra-Long
Classic Rock stick, longer taper with

oval tip, Wood Tip

Length: 440 mm / 17.32" 
Diameter: 15 mm / 0.59"

Pellwood 6A Universal.jpg

X-Line 6A Universal 
 A lighter balanced stick suitable for rock and fusion. 
Wood Tip


Length: 407 mm / 16.02" 

Diameter: 13.5 mm / 0.53"


X-Line 8B Be-bop
etro with barrel tip, 50´s, jazz, swing, bebop.

Length: 407 mm / 16.02"
Diameter: 13.4 mm / 0.53"

Pellwood 5B Classic Maxi.jpg

X-Line Russell Gilbrook Signature
"Animal" (1 Pair)

Length: 430 mm / 16.93" 
Diameter: 15 mm / 0.59"

X-Line Funk Model 

This model has tip in the shape of teardrop. That gives you the power to play particularly, but thanks to the fulcrum shifted towards the tip, still with enough of energy.

Length: 401 mm / 16.01" 
Diameter: 15.9mm / 0.62"

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