Pellwood X-Lines in the UK

Pellwood are a combination of traditional manufacturing methods and state of the art technology are employed in the production of Pellwood drumsticks. The US sourced Hickory and European Hornbeam woods are dried slowly and naturally in the open air until immediately prior to production whence required moisture levels are achieved using a condensation drier, this method is sympathetic to the wood and allows its character and very high quality to be preserved. Pellwood drumsticks are finished using a fine layer of anti skid lacquer ensuring the natural structure of the wood is not compromised and allowing for a comfortable and natural experience for the drummer. What to Expect from a Pellwood X-Line series Drum Stick:

  • All Pellwood X-Line sticks are available in Hickory.


  • If you want Pellwood Certain X-Lines with Nylon Tips please Let us Know.

. Watch Pellwood Drum Sticks Been Made..... :->
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