Pellwood Classic T-shirts

Pellwood Classic Black with 'PELLWOOD' 

logo print T-shirt.

Sizes: Medium, Large, X-Large


Pellwood Mug

Premium handmade white mugs features

'PELLWOOD' logo and coloured handles.


Black Stick Bag

Black Stick Bag with pellwood logo

  • large bag & Spacious

  • Easy to hook onto Drums




Sanders photo (19).jpg

Bill Sanders Single

Power Rock Pads
Sanders photo (18).jpg

Bill Sanders Double

Power Rock Pads



Long lasting and strong adhesion that,s why drum techs from major bands use them world wide.Not to be confused with other types on the market that will fall off after time.. Can be use with or without the hard centre.......If you want to make your Bass Drum Louder use the hard centre and power the sound out.

Use to stop the wear and tear on your Bass drum head. 


There,s nothing worse than splitting your skin half way through a number so they can be use as an emergency patch on any drum.Simply cover the hole and keep playing.   


As used by Micheal Dean New Model Army/ Jeff Rich when he was in Status Que/Scott Ottaway The Searchers/Ian Mosley Marillion/Lars Ulrich Metallica.