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Top-Class Drumsticks With Guaranteed Weight

To manufacture drumsticks, PELLWOOD uses the latest technologies while taking a very traditional path at the same time.

Our wood is dried in two stages. The first drying takes place naturally out-of-doors. To achieve the required humidity, the second drying is performed in the condenser drying kiln. This considerate treatment of wood helps preserve its high quality and characteristics.

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Preparing the Squares

When the drying process is over, the wood is cut and sorted. The top-class PELLWOOD drumsticks are made of top-quality wood only. Any sticks that do not meet PELLWOOD’s high quality standards are moved to the X-LINE STIX affordable series.

Guaranteed Weight

Since 2009 PELLWOOD has been using the unique method of Weighing the wood prior to manufacture.

First, the kiln-dried timber is cut into exactly same squares, each square for one prospective stick. According to their precise weight, these squares are sorted to a number of weight categories corresponding to the individual drumstick models. Each model is assigned the wood square of the specific weight that never changes. This means that any time you buy a pair of premium PELLWOOD drumsticks of the same model, these sticks will always have the same weight. In other words, the news sticks will weigh exactly the same as the old ones you have been used to.

The premium drumsticks are weighed with 1g accuracy.

Production Process

The drumsticks are turned on a very efficient copying lathe.

The first grinding process takes place during manufacturing while the second grinding is performed subsequently on a single-purpose machine.

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For the finish layer, PELLWOOD uses subtle layer of special nonslip OLI-PUR lacquer. However, you can also order unlacquered drumsticks.

Having been lacquered, the sticks are printed with the PELLWOOD logo and the model name. On demand, we can provide the additional option of Custom print. Prior to packing and shipping, the drumsticks are matched according to their colour and wood grain. This done, they are weighed again to make sure that the difference in weight does not exceed 1g. Finally, the sticks are sealed in a plastic wrap to keep off humidity and preserve their good qualities.

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All types are produced in Hickory Premium Quality Weight Guaranteed with wood or nylon tip.

All types are produced in Hornbeam Premium Quality Weight Guaranteed with wood or nylon tip.

All types are produced in Hickory X-Line economy series.

All types are produced in Hornbeam X-Line economy series.


All premium PELLWOOD models have constant weight!

PELLWOOD reserves the right to make changes in design and implementation of its products

X-Line Series 5A


The difference between the Premium Line and the X-Line is that the squares are not weighed prior to manufacturing but the sticks are matched with 2g accuracy before shipping. This means that the sticks of the same model may vary as to weight from pair to pair, yet the pair always includes sticks of the same weight. The X-line sticks can also show minor cosmetic imperfections and the grain may not always run parallel to the stick’s axis. Even so, X-Line can provide good service for affordable price.




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